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X-Labcoats-Allowed: True; Agenda posted for this Sunday’s meeting April 13, 2012

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Finalized PS1 Open Science Agenda for 4/15/2012

PS1 Open Science Meeting of 4/15/12 (Third Sunday Meeting)

A. Welcome/open meeting at 3:30pm (<3 min)

-have any newcomers introduce themselves and say what projects they’re interested in, or their vision for open science

B.  Minutes from 3/18/11  (5 min)

Gerry, Sheila, Sacha, Anthony, Steve, Allen, Jenny, Excalibur, Dillon, Colin, Liz, Ben

(12 total)

[For now, regular attendees get program votes – when we aren’t doing the “do-ocracy” approach – eventually replaced by small fee, ~$10?, to PS1 OR PS1 membership]

The formal meeting lasted very briefly as there only were two minor agenda items but a semi-formal 45 minute discussion lead by Anthony was very productive. The whole event lasted a bit past 5pm or over 2.5 hours.

I have less time this quarter so I will start linking to the “meeting minutes” post on the ChiOpenSci lit instead of summarizing events here.

1.        Notes from the 3-18-12 meeting: https://groups.google.com/group/chiopensci/browse_thread/thread/8dd1a90c422d946c/f1ad8e9ad4b0e631?lnk=gst&q=Ben+Hyink#f1ad8e9ad4b0e631

Meeting adjourned

C. Open Discussion (45 min). Points to be discussed:

1) General Announcements (10 min)

i) Sheila wanted to discussing the upcoming Open Science conferences and workshops

-in case anyone wanted the link: http://opensciencesummit.com/about/

ii.) call for assistance: Sheila needs help with an eeg cap, she saw some schematics online

iii) anyone else with relevant announcements or calls for assistance can present them, request to keep content brief

2) Projects: approximately 0 min

i) No project/proposal submissions this month (0 minutes)

3) Other topics (10 min each, with possible extensions of 7.5-15 min if necessary, or else table discussions until end)

i) Open Badges (10 min)

-how can they relate to Open Science at PS1? educational aspect, outreach, technical hurdles?

-Ashanan at the last general meeting held a meeting about Open Badges at the space

-Chris McAvoy of Mozilla presented on Open Badges at Flourish Mar 31st

-relevant link: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Badges

ii.) Educational Outreach Open Discussion, with a focus on something actionable to come out of the discussion (10 min)

-gauge interest in educational outreach, methods, content?

-if people aren’t interested in educational outreach, what kinds of projects are more preferable?

iii.) Journal Club, proposed by Anthony last week (10 min)

-does Anthony want to organize, if not, does anyone else want to do so? (figure out JIT topic protocol, bug him for advice–Sheila)

-possible topics that people would want to present, format

D. Any other business? (15 min)

-see what projects people in the room are really excited about for open science

-maybe discuss probable research areas in general: more technology/engineering vs. neuroscience/psychology vs. bio vs. chem vs. physics

-can also discuss one of the three main topics (open badges, educational outreach, journal club) that people want to further explore

E. Arrange/announce details of next meeting (5 min)

F. Close meeting (total time: 1 hour, 8 min, or 68 min)

Informal open discussion at PS1 for a while or somewhere nearby if it is closed, like the Burger King at the corner of Belmont and Elston. Sadly, La Finca is closed on Sundays.

See you at 3:30pm!

Informal discussions: (these may be concurrent, or not occur at all depending on interest)

1.) Informal discussion of Open Badges (10-20 min)

2.) Informal discussion of educational outreach (10-20 min)

3.) Informal discussion of Journal Club (10-20 min)



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